The most beautiful manor in Poland !!!

„Piękne Miejsce” Estate Agency offers you the most charming and beautifully located private manor in Poland. If you want to turn into atmosphere taken as if from the movie “Pan Tadeusz”, to idyllic time as if taken from Poland that we know now only from movies, novels and history, to gardens with mallows, weeping willows and ponds full of water lilies – this is exactly the place! The manor is located in a park (the full area is 76.000 m2) with fountains, gravel paths with ancient lamps and highlighted stone plant pots full of flowers. The whole park (with watering system) is full of trees and bushes. It is surrounded by forests and two rivers. In the rivers, apart form the fish, there are beavers, otters and in the nearest surroundings there are nests of ducks, swans, pheasants and habitats of roe deer and boars. The manor is naturally separated from any signs of civilization (houses, pylons etc.) and at the same time it is located not far away from express ways and provincial city. The manor, which may be called “paradise on earth”, is perfect for a private, exclusive resort or a luxurious company recreation center. It is also a perfect location for a comfortable nursing home or a tourist-recreation-hotel resort (tennis court, swimming pool, ponds, grill, sauna etc.). In the section "Offer" you will find a presentation of the manor with its surroundings (the offer includes all equipment with grand piano, ancient furniture, gadgets creating the atmosphere of a museum. Additionally there are works of art which can be added to the offer). In case you find the offer attractive we are ready to give more details regarding the manor itself (most of the area is destined for building purposes in the planning scheme) and the financial terms of a potential transaction. The residence is perfect for a private resort with a manor as if taken from the past like the turn of the 19th, 20th century, giving not only luxurious idyllic climate of previous times from noble Poland but also intimacy away from paparazzi. Here no one will find you and hunt you with camera. All these conditions including pool, tennis court, beautiful area for horse ride or quad trips and possibility for helicopter landing make the place unique for people who value privacy. In the heart of pure nature in the świętokrzyskie region not far away from the Chęciny Castle, folk open-air museum "Tokarnia", cave "Raj', Holly Cross mountain. In the winter there is a ski slope "Telegraf" which is 12km away in Kielce.